How do I prepare myself for a show

21 Aug 2017

How to prepare a magic show:

Magic is not only show a “trick” to someone: it is, also, offering a unique moment to your mind. Improvisation is not a good idea. When I am thinking about magic, I need to put myself in the participants’ mindset, trying to help them to create the magic in their own world. 

How do I speak to them? Which words do I use to create the suspense? How long do I need to turn the card? Let´s start by explaining the single steps:

1) Where will I perform my show? 

This subject takes a huge part of my time: I have to prepare myself if I am on the street, so I know there are people who have not so much time to stay focused on me. Am I in a hall, Birthday, Marriage, Theater and everyone known there is a magician tonight? In this case everyone will invest more time, so the goal here is to catch the attention of all the spectators.


2) Once I know the location, I have to prepare the script.

That´s the hardest part to accomplish.

I knew that some magician use to say almost the same gags and words by performing some routines. I by myself decided to work all time with different scripts. I use to create, based on the spectators, sometimes a mysterious script, other times a funny one, other a totally different personality one. It takes a lot of work sometimes even weeks, till I got everything the way I want it.


3) Now is the recording step.

Here I am working with a camera and have to record me from different angles. At the same time I hear my voice (what frustrate so much a lot of us ) I have to do that so that I understand if all the spectators have a perfect view of what I am doing. The words I say, tell me if the script touch enough the emotions and are clear to understand (I have to admit here, my English has to improve, but I will work on it)


4) Once all 3 steps are done. I perform the entire act 7 days before the show. I dress like I will in the event. I have some good friends who came and watch me, giving some critics if something was not that clear. Some of them are magicians, so I receive direct feedbacks about my performance, which really help me to improve. When this test has been done, the act should be ready.


5) In every show I search always for a good friend that can record me show in performance. This I would do even if I am with a friend and we are on the street doing some improvisation. Is crucial to record every show and moment I do magic. This is for me the way I can give myself creative feedbacks.


It was offered to me the opportunity to makes a workshop about magic. So, if you are interested, write me an email and I will inform you about the 3 packages I can work on for you, with prices and time needed. 

Magic is a beautiful and unique experience: there is no great moment more that seeing surprise and joy on my followers and participants ‘faces.