Magic for the homeless

07 Aug 2018

I decided to perform a street magic show in Düsseldorf for the homeless. This is something I do once a year just to help people who aren´t so lucky in life as me.


It was a great feeling to be around people and just amaze anyone. At the end I could count in my heat 25€ in less than 15 minutes show. What a great feeling! I put 30€ myselves and we purchased, with a friend of mine, 50€ breads and water bottles, that of course has been shared with all the homeless we could find in the city.


At the moment I am preparing a trailer that you can see on my website and I will eventually download some videos as well of different shows. If you have any feedback, let me know, i would appreciate to make the website better and better.


See you at the next magic event.


Dominique Blanco