Working on Youtube Channel

08 Jan 2018

2018 just started, and my goal for this year is to working hard on my magic and most of all, focus myself in finding the best way to present my show. Today we are almost connected by social media, so the best to do is marketing your persona in using it. I was in London last weekend and had so much luck meeting Dan a english camera expert, he gave me a lot of great advices how I could make my channel much more interesting.


I will work into putting a trailer and new videos, to reach even more people and hopefully subscribers. So if you don´t know how to find my channel, just scroll down to the end of my homepage or click here:


I will give advices for beginner, some tutorial of magic tricks and keep you update about my different challenges in 2018.


You don´t want to miss anything, so just stay tuned!


I wish you a great start in 2018!